Drone Mitigation Products

DD-SP1 - Standard Ruggedized

DD-SP1 (Ruggedized)

Small, Fully Enclosed UnitDiscreet Deployment OptionsEffective Range: ± 3 KmWeight: 2.5 KgPower Supply: 12v DC

HH-SP1 - Handheld Ruggedized

HH-SP1 (Ruggedized)

Dismounted UnitHandheld and Rucksack MountEffective Range: ± 3 KmWeight 2 KgPower Supply: 12v DC

MM-SP360 - Vehicle Mount

DD-SP160 (Ruggedized)

Vehicle, Vessel or Aircraft MountTemporary or Fixed MountEffective Range: ± 3 KmWeight: 14 KgPower: Supply 12v DC

DD-SP360 - c-UAV


Multiple Deployment OptionsTemporary and Fixed MountEffective Range: ± 5 KmWeight: 14 KgPower Supply: 12v DC

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