Effective, Reliable & Safe Drone Mitigation Products

DD-SP1 - Standard Ruggedized

DD-SP1Standard Unit

Small, Fully Enclosed, Effective Range: ± 3 KmWeight: 2.5 KgPower Supply: 12v DC, Shore or Battery Power

HH-SP1 - Handheld Ruggedized

HH-SP1Dismounted Unit

Handheld or DismountedEffective Range: ± 3 KmWeight: 2 KgPower Supply: 12v DC, Shore or Battery Power

DD-SP360 - c-UAV

DD-SP360360-Degree Unit

Temporary or Fixed Effective Range: ± 5 KmWeight: 14 KgPower Supply: 12v DC, Shore or Battery Power

Tri-Mount System

Tri-Mount VehicleMounted System

Mounted or Dismounted Effective Range: ± 3 KmWeight: ±25 KgPower Supply: 12v DC, Shore or Battery Power

Our carefully engineered solutions prioritize safe, robust protection and user-friendly operation. Our products are designed to be lightweight, easy to operate, and offer the flexibility of mobile or fixed installations, as well as handheld, dismounted or mounted systems. Our products are dual use designed for both commercial and military applications.
Vigilant Drone Defense products establish an invisible protective field that ensures a secure and protected airspace above any location, operation, or venue. Our comprehensive range of products provides reliable protection against all commercially available drones utilizing 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz control frequencies.

Products for All Mission Requirements

All Vigilant Drone Defense products can be powered by shore power, vehicle power, and most of the common government and military use batteries, including but not limited to: BA-2590/5590, BB-2557, BB-390, BB-2847 and STUB batteries. Custom power capabilities can developed upon request.


Our product come in many form factors & configurations:

● Handheld Units● Dismounted Units● Man-Packable Units● Vehicle Mounted● Marine Vessel Mounted● Aircraft Mounted● Magnet Mounted● Temporary Fixed Mounting● Permanent Fixed Mounting● Custom Product Development● Custom Frequency Integrations

Our innovative technology ensures that our products do not interfere with other radio frequency (RF) transmissions in the same or adjacent frequency ranges. Our solutions have been developed to strategically target the communications between drones and their operating handsets, effectively neutralizing any potential threats while maintaining compatibility with existing RF systems.

Government Tested & Approved

Vigilant Drone Defense products have successfully undergone rigorous testing and have received approval for utilization by numerous U.S. government agencies as well as various global government agencies. We take immense pride in not only meeting but surpassing the most stringent benchmarks for performance and reliability.


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