A Real & Present Danger

Over the past several years, drones have become an effective and popular tool for businesses and government agencies around the world. Unfortunately, this includes criminal and terrorist organizations.
The malicious and criminal use of drones is a very real and growing threat to the safety of government interests globally as well as to their citizens.
Criminal organizations are using drones to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. They are also using drones to deliver drugs and other contraband into prisons and other secure facilities.
Terrorist groups are using drones to drop grenades and other munitions on military personnel.

Our Team

Vigilant Drone Defense is a technology company specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of new and cutting edge drone mitigation technology and products. Our products are designed and engineered to protect people, property and operations from threats created by the malicious use of commercial drones.
Our experienced team of engineers are dedicated to developing new and improved state-of-the-art technology to create powerful and effective solutions to protect our clients from all current and future drone threats.
We work closely with our clients to develop effective solutions to fit any specific operational or mission requirement.


Our Solutions

Vigilant Drone Defense products are the perfect solution for any government agency, airport, critical infrastructure organization, or any other entity that has a need for robust, reliable drone mitigation products. Our products are state-of-the-art and provide strong, impenetrable protection against all invasive, and dangerous drone activity.
Our products are the only safe, effective, reliable and cost-effective counter drone technology on the market. We are the only solution that can safely provide full protection against drone swarms.
Our products have been tested and approved for use by several federal, state and municipal government agencies around the world.

Our Products Do

● Create a secure and safe airspace above sensitive locations ● Provide a protective airspace with a radius of 3 Km to 12 Km
● Protect against a single drone or a drone swarm
● 100% effective against all commercially available drones
● Defeat drone control frequencies, video and telemetry links
● Force incoming drones to return to their takeoff locations
● Minimal transmission signal footprint
● Come in several form factors & configurations
● Can be custom developed to meet clients specific requirements
● Can be integrated with OEM command and control centers
● Can be integrated with various detection & tracking systems


Our Products Do Not

● Cause drones to crash
● Interfere with Wi-Fi signals
● Interfere with aircraft navigation and communications
● Interfere with air traffic control communications
● Interfere with airport communications & operations
● Interfere with seaport communications & operations
● Interfere with other existing communications transmissions
● Interfere with GPS signals
● Interfere with other devices on the same or near frequencies
● Interfere with any IoT or other Wi-Fi connected devices
● Rely on drone detection and tracking systems

Industry Solutions

We are extremely proud and honored to work with, and support our partners in the U.S. military and other U.S. government agencies. We continue to expand our footprint to support and protect clients across the globe. We will continue to work hard to ensure all of our clients are protected from malicious and dangerous drone activity.

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