F.A.A. & F.C.C. Compliant Drone Detection Solution

Ensure Your Airspace is Secure from All Unauthorized Drones


Effective & Reliable

Watch Command is a multi-layer drone detection, tracking and identification solution. We incorporate best in class passive RF detection that can easily integrate non-RF detection systems such as radar, optical and other detection systems.
Watch Command can easily be networked into most C2 systems, and can be monitored and controlled via secure mobile applications.
A single, standalone Watch Command unit can detect drones at approximately 30 miles. Multiple systems can be networked together to provide effective, ultra long range drone detection and tracking capabilities.
Watch Command offers the capability to locate the position of each incoming drone. Watch Command goes one step further and by adding a fourth layer can identify the type of drone control unit being used, and can also locate the position of the drone pilot. This added capability is not limited to DJI drones, but can locate the pilots location regardless of the drone manufacturer.
This expanded capability of being able to find the pilots positions regardless of drone manufacturer is a game changer!


Our Solution

Watch Command is the perfect solution for any government agency, airport, critical infrastructure organization, or any other entity that has a need for a robust, F.A.A. and F.C.C. compliant, drone detection, tracking and identification system.
Our solution is state-of-the-art and provides strong, effective and long range drone detection, tracking and identification to identify all drone activity at or near each protected location.
Our solution can locate the position of drones and drone pilots, regardless of manufacturer, make or model of the drone.

Robust Capabilities

● Real Time Tracking of Drones and Drone Pilots
● Integration with Radar, Optical & Other Sensors
● Integrates with 3rd Party Data (LAANC, ADS-B, AIS, ARGIS)
● Detects All Drones including Non-RF Drones
● Custom Integrations to Meet Specific Needs
● System Networking with C2 Centers
● Networking with Multiple Fixed & Mobile Aeroscope Units
● Expanded Effective Range with Multiple Systems
● Can be Custom Developed to Meet Clients Requirements
● Can be Integrated with OEM Command &Control Centers
● Can be Integrated with Various C-UAS Drone Mitigation Products

Key Features

● Real Time Tracking of Drone & Drone Pilot
● Supports any Size Location
● Secure Communications Network ● API Integration with GOV AWS & Secure Local Network
● Can Easily Expand & Network Coverage Areas
● Central Monitoring with Smart Device Integration
● Multi-Location Administration
● Multiple Administration Levels
● Full Video Playback
● Multi-Level Warning & Alert Notifications
● Flight Path History Playback
● Flexible Configuration
● Geo-fencing
● Visualize Incoming Drones by Distance
● Create Multiple Warning & Alert Zones

● Video & Data Export Capabilities
● Network with Offsite Systems
● Heatmap Capabilities of Monitored Areas
● Historical Data Retention & Export
● Intuitive Graphic Interface
● Integrates with Radar, Cameras & Sensors
● Expanded Functionality Capabilities
● 3rd Party Data Integration (LAANC, ADS-B, AIS, ARGIS)
● Easy to Configure and Deploy
● Reliable and Effective
● Automated System
● AI Assisted Tracking & Identification
● Whitelist & Blacklist
● Pilot Location History
● Location Based Activity Heatmaps

Hardware & Software Layers

1. Layer 1 - RF Detection

Layer 1 consists of a highly modified and hardened Aeroscope. This allows for a strong base passive RF sensor and radio system to detect all DJI model drones flying in the protected airspace. DJI drones typically operate on the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands. According to several sources, close to 80% of all drones being flown globally are manufactured by DJI. Our modified Aeroscopes have secure communications links and do not leak to any unauthorized location.
Effective Range: ± 30 Miles (± 50 Kilometers)


Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

The effective ranges listed above are approximate, and vary depending on each location. They also show the effective range of a single, standalone unit. The effective range of our solutions can be greatly extended when multiple systems are networked together.

Get a Free Live Online Demonstration!

See Watch Command in Action!

Introduction to the Watch Command Detection Platform

One of our product experts will provide you with a live demonstration of our products in action. This demonstration will give you a overview of the capabilities of our hardware and software platforms from one or more active systems deployed at various locations. You will receive information about:
● Layer 1 and Layer 2 RF Sensors● Difference Between RF, Radar, Optical & Other Sensors● The Capabilities and Limitations of Each Type of Sensors

Overview of Key Features

A detailed overview of all of our products key features, including but not limited to:
● Data Retrieved From Drone & Drone Pilot● Whitelisting & Blacklisting of Drones● Alerts & Notifications● Geo-fencing● Effective Range● Sensor Integrations● Analytics

Post Demonstration Discussion

A detailed post demonstration discussion with our product experts to discuss your potential needs. We will also share tips on how you can make an information decision on what products or solutions may work best for your needs.

Contact one of our experts today to set up your free live online demonstration.

Get a Free 30-Day Airspace Resiliency Assessment!

How Exposed is Your Organization?

You may be surprised to learn what your real exposure is!

Unauthorized drones over sensitive airspace are a real threat to any organization. As drones become more prevalent, organizations are becoming more aware of the potential risk they pose to government and private organizations.
There is no better way to know what an organization's true exposure is to any potential drone threats then to conduct an actual airspace resiliency assessment. We offer our clients a free 30-day evaluation by installing one of our multi-layered drone detection solutions at or near a client's facility or location. For the free 30-day evaluations, we provide systems consisting of Layer 1 and Layer 2 sensors. We do not provide Layer 3 or Layer 4 sensors during the free evaluation period.
Our solutions capture information of drones flying over the protected airspace. After the 30-day evaluation, we provide our clients with a detailed final report of our findings report of all drones flying within its airspace. We provide a detailed report detailing a large amount of information such as:
● How many drones enter your airspace?● How long do the drones remain in your airspace?● How many of the drones enter your airspace multiple time?● Do the drones hover over specific buildings or locations?● What size are the drones?● The types of drones entering your airspace.● The flight path history, altitude, and speed of the drones in your airspace.● Can the drones carry payloads?● What are the fight paths of the drones?● Where are the drone pilots?● Where are the drones arriving from?● Where are the drones going once they leave your airspace?
This is a sample of just some of the information we will provide in our final assessment report. The assessment and final report are provided at no charge to qualified organizations.

Contact one of our experts today to discuss next steps in setting up your risk free 30-day airspace resiliency assessment. You have nothing to lose and a vast amount of information to gain.

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